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and g 8 summit leaving chicago reaction. wgn news @ 9 super tuesday major benchmark for republican president setting the pace for turbulent weeks ahead. top story are around the country. results super tuesday 11-44 the number of delegates necessary to clinch the republican nomination. does not include 422 delegates up for grabs tonight voters in 11 states to the polls results in the states. state is crucial and
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still up for grabs. rick santorum again looking strong in the southern state. newt gingrich again the third place and ron paul in fourth place. earlier in the evening and not a surprise but notable georgia newt gingrich by a wide market 48%. mitt romney and second and rick santorum and third place. paul lisneck host of politics tonight breaking this down >> three states we are looking at georgette tennessee and ohio. all pile up for grabs >> focusing on the three states to look for generally speaking no surprises tonight everything going as expected tennessee story of the night so far because mitt romney anticipated to went to tennessee appeal and the south conservative voters did not happen defeated by rick
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santorum. ohio rick santorum a showing of the lead in ohio already losing going elsewhere to the next that might think he has a chance. tell me about ohio. surprise at this moment rick santorum is percentage points ahead? >> absolutely first of all a couple of things about all i know even if rick santorum wins this knot wind and the delegates because rick santorum failed to file fults plated delegates all of the counties in ohio does not have them bottom line cannot get all of the delegates speaking lately talking about popular vote knows he cannot get the delegates that romney walks out with delegates struggled like
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ohio really is the one has to win to become a delegate >> it is true for brick santorum does not win ohio cannot find a path nomination it does not win ohio picking up enough delegates tonight >> rick santorum critical >> georgia newt gingrich is this yes >> everybody else is a rabbit and he says he is the tortoise. money behind him. ron paul continuing to watch the caucus states places he hopes to come through looking at states like north dakota and alaska to say he has won something. bottom line of super tuesday earlier in the week while not know come out of super tuesday exactly where we are going final nomination.
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>> primary reason because republicans changed the rules after 2008 decided not winner- take-all by delegates based on the state's looking at the county's to see how the delegates so much energy and attention to president obama republican said we bought that also. backfired-michael steele had of the party >> quickly talk more about tennessee surprise and rick santorum won that state >> not a surprise if he winds can make sense but mitt romney bigger for mitt romney it was mitt romney's only in the south business people there is hope for grabs attention in the sow and that everybody coalescing around support from key
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conservative eric cantor at the john ashcroft for attorney general caulescent around mitt romney needed something to happen in the south next week expect those to go mitt romney way. >> paul lisneck political analyst thank you for joining >> continuing to follow results throughout the night that the latest results on the website president obama took a swipe at republican presidential candidates over iran comments are they today president said ggop candidates taking military action against iran they should do so >> casual people talking about war reminded of the cost involved in war iran permission for united nations inspectors to
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visit a site suspected of nuclear weapons work that about reaction from chicago city hall moving of the g 8 summit camp david live in the newsroom out it has been touted >> yet to hear the mayor himself critics suggested feels like he loses on this one as for the summit itself questioned why move this now? today the answer came from the white house not city hall 24 hours after news broke president obama mayor rahm emmanuel trip to york at home with something to say during second day >> i always have confidence in chicago able to handle security issues >> president obama poison support for the mayor lost schedule g 8 summit in chicago and a problem announced both
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summits come to chicago 2nd city on the international stage yesterday's white house changed its mind will and economic g 8 summit to camp david >> somebody pointed out how not have any counterparts working for three years to camp david. g 8 summit had to be more informal setting in which we talk about it wide range of issues pretty intimate way back up more cash will setup with nice weather hopefully nice bloke to chicago mayor a record of winning a man who hates to lose >> would you have the white house president former boss get the best way i think it is a personal blow to the ego of a mayor who does have a healthy ego batt but city hall mayor rahm emmanuel silence has not gone unnoticed
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>> not having been mayor tell us the situation where he saw >> disappointed and relieved because it was going to be four and a half days of summits along with that a lot of distractions >> distraction's what the city is used to says general manager of hotel barack obama a guest at hotel that historic night emma nobody knew 5 million people everybody talking-and it went without a hitch great for us to have in the hotel movement the summit for good good for the city? good for mayor rahm emmanuel? plenty of international attention at some might say why not wait to hear what comments from the mayor
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regarding the summit if he was involved at all we may never know. >> coming up by lance and chicago class from a girl stabbed and high school and dui had said killed a teenager and reports are% rosie o'donnell show already leaving chicago and tom skilling >> from the weather center what a day this as bad wind gusts over land 55 mi. per hour 31 degree temperature dropped biggest one day march 1st date temperature dropped and 36 years and tomorrow hitting 70 may level temperature how long will this last? and what does the weekend look like? forecast coming up.
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wgn news @ 9 of violence breaking out chicago class from freshman girls and a fight one sent to hospital with stab wound to the neck. more on the story >> students leaving class tuesday afternoon police still on the scene at talk centered
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on the stabbing early hours in the day >> is no walking around very chaotic >> two female freshman students got into a fight inside a classroom 10:30 a.m. this morning one student grabbed scissors off the teacher's desk and stabbed 15 year-old girl in the back stabbing victim possibly pregnant taken christ medical center oaklawn treated for injuries and released tuesday night and the girl police believed wielded the scissors taken into custody had questioned >> i know they are still young eighth grade but they should grow up and learn talking about what ever they want and leave it at that >> students principal dr. joyce cooper has tried to turn the troubled school around >> trying to build a good
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habits. good activities for kids to do better >> and a statement tricky to keep parents informed of the situation some parents surprised telling us they were not that terrible unfortunate very sad i feel bad >> no charges have been filed in the case chicago public schools has not said which punishment will be given out because of the incident >> man sentenced to prison for murdering set free jonathan moore sean r miller r miller outside a laundry business in aurora convicted of shooting 17 year-old police later found new information prosecutors filed a motion to drop the conviction which the judge granted.
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>> nobody wants to go free just as important finding balance can pose a great challenge we have done our best to honestly and objectively review this case not from adversarial stance but neutral and objective stance >> fatal shooting on going investigation and the information call aurora police department >> in hit and run. sentencing caught up with victim's family members. >> i have been in this business since 1984 >> two contrasting points of view tribe and influence of alcohol prosecutors asked minimum of four years behind
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bars judge gave former police officer richard bolling three years illinois department of corrections at two years' probation after he gets out of prison >> to be a grown man devastating situation convicted of aggravated drunken driving and reckless homicide killed and 13 year-old trenton booker jury also found richard bolling guilty of leaving the scene of accident prosecutor suggesting received preferential treatment from police may 2009 holding off on a field sobriety tests given a field sobriety test for hours later blood alcohol level was below the legal limit by that >> not the end of the world and
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able to to be successful in 42 years on earth will not go away batt but the fact neither side was pleased indication the judge straight down the middle not basing his ruling on the motion but instead on the ball at the implications of the crime bamut judge said that's unfair showed creativity looking at both sides >> middle where did her family has one and both lost lives >> chicago newsman john madigan covers various trials great career in chicago died in florida political director known for signing off reports w/drawn out s "wbbm newsradio sssseventyeight." john madigan
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began a career 1930's as copyboy it first host face the nation fought in world war two 94 years old his daughter actor amy madigan had sought and bought an actor. inside word rosie o'donnell television show is leaving chicago insider says feeling more at home in new york. rumors started last week holed up for sale coming up chicago man among several people charged hacking into websites some of the world's biggest companies have taken a lot into hands what prompted big fight inside court room and it was a multimillionaire winner of third largest power ball jackpot claiming her prize.
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50% longer than tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime. [ snoring continues ] [ male announcer ] because snoring sounds better than coughing. court room massachusetts out of order after father and stepfather of murder victim went after suspect. officers broke up the fight charged with disrupting court proceedings assault and battery posted by the dollar bail nobody seriously injured a chicago man one of five people busted high profile cyber attacks fbi arrested 27 year-old a jeremy hammond all in bridgeport neighborhood. jeremy hammond identified himself as a member of hacktivist group called antisec accused of stealing personal affirmation hundreds of thousands of people if convicted jeremy hammond
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basic 10 years in prison for each count. one and 175 million the odds of winning jackpot a 81 year-old louise white robe on and did found out she was a winner slept with the lottery ticket in the bible before claiming her prize most of the money will be spent on her family. >> very happy very proud and this will make my family very happy truly blessed >> says she will take a lump sum payment $210 million rhode island $14.7 million went for the price. medical watch controversy over ingredients the big soda pop the brown color.
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you have to hear the story of courage and sacrifice mother uses her body as human shield protecting her body her children with her body during last week's storms.
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medical watch potential new flu vaccine instead of putting a band-aid injection site research is working out a patch to stick to the skin to the liberty and plans a vaccination. and this
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vaccine delivery system diskette works better than muscle immune signals and sells critical before the new protection. new study exercise and caffeine alter your dna. when healthy and active men and women get moving a media p and a change. otterbein genetic code remains intact but dna molecules in the muscles or reprogram themselves or striped with every vigorous activity caffeine works in similar way it mimicking and the muscles and traction that comes with exercise and kathy before workout maybe 1-2 punch with a view into better shape. another call to remove caramel coloring and soda pop unsafe levels of cancer causing chemical and the
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cobbler. kasten coca-cola but pepsi all contained what scientists call on acceptable levels of 4mi added states are the letters conducted a test and found no health risk. fda says person has to drink 1000 cans of soda a day to reach a chemical dosage reached in the study. back to you >> warm-up but today in chicago springlike weather stick around tom skilling tells us how long coming up. s neru
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hold onto your hat and launch the weather today very warm also very windy. workers downtown near randolph and columbus a battle in the breeze to get across the street. i think i saw you blow by their >> yes. look at what happened early in the day it was windy another day coming up amazing. going to be warm. forecast for tomorrow coming close. incredible how warm. beautiful sunset clouds out there
9:31 pm
indications sunset ag beautiful sunset tonight captured for stage followed in two nights. early march pretty amazing gorgeous day no clouds until late evening but you can see wind blowing off shore. 66 mi. per hour 55 mi. per hour with gusts in a moment. orange a beautiful color on this map how much temperatures are warmer than 24 hours ago. 27 degrees still in the '60s made double temperatures today way above the 34 we had one year ago.
9:32 pm
temperatures plunge into the west behind the storm wind howling over 1,000 mi. of real- estate. 68 degrees colder air bottle to the north no explanation of coming down here. temperatures cool air into the north not come this way anytime soon. sustained wind at this hour 31 degrees warmer than
9:33 pm
yester day 60 degrees today biggest one day march temperature increase 36 years here. pretty amazing statistic. temperatures near 70. wind gusts over 50 mi. per hour. 61 degrees midway airport. what is interesting summers that follow.
9:34 pm
run and the averages warmest sense observation started 1959 october 3rd today. nine of 11 summers following were read than normal and a 70 very windy conditions tomorrow 7.4 degrees above normal next five days. and over 70 degrees above normal according to the models 11-14 day time range. not the last of the warm air we will see although it cools off later in the week. high pressure moisture north mixing tomorrow with clouds. late in the day cold front sagging into the area. by tomorrow night at this time showers and thunderstorms towards rockford. isobars on the backside of the storm sent big warm air and southern wind
9:35 pm
roaring into our area. jet stream level wind blowing in the same direction the wind field forecast for tomorrow. the same atmospheric set up in place today in place tomorrow powerful wind taking warm air from the south blended into our area chance to cool off. scattered clouds mild tonight nighttime temperature 20 degrees above normal. crop and 45 degrees south wind up 18-36 degrees.miles per hour. clouding overs showers for a spell. sun comes
9:36 pm
up over most of the area thursday modestly cooler 54 degrees at 46 degrees on friday back to 50's-near '60s seven day forecast that is great about mild week ahead next week also >> breaking news lake county in the at tonight for correction officers hit by truck lead in what officer dead. the group was jogging crown point indiana looking for dark colored suv only description we have the three other officers survived taken to hospitals no word on how they are doing latest numbers next >> and big party to celebrate a milestone for oreooreo
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decision 2012 operating results from super tuesday gop nomination for president 11 states voting to more have to be counted. rick santorum has one north dakota and oklahoma at
9:40 pm
mitt romney take in massachusetts and vermont nuking grich gets georgia. ohio is the hot ticket tonight and rick santorum lead with 38 percent and mitt romney 37% percentage point at illinois primary elections to democrats party nominations can get from the eighth congressional district in november. tammy duckworth and raja krishnamoorthi highlighting differences whoever wins a fight against the lone republican and tea party candidate joe walsh >> newly redrawn district portions of cook dupage and kane county 739,000 people strong rapidly changing demographics. district is 69 percent white growing 16.9% hispanic 4.1
9:41 pm
percent black and 841 percent asian. at the neck and geographical breakdown that many analysts believe favors the democrats. >> this time in our history and this district number one concern i hear from voters out why did the job? how do i keep my job? how do i stay out of foreclosure and to get a good education? >> successful high-tech businessman and lawyer raja krishnamoorthi has the endorsement of cook county board president toni preckwinkle and scores of local business leaders. former deputy treasurer of illinois and special assistant attorney general 0.24 page economic recovery plan blueprint to recovery community colleges training workers for hi-tech manufacturing. >> crucial because the irony in this recession 14 million unemployed people 3 million jobs jobless
9:42 pm
>> formidable democratic opponent endorsed by united states senator and close obama adviser david axelrod >> worst day in washington but never as bad as the day i got blown up i can stand up and be a unique voice >> war veteran and former blackhawk helicopter pilot tammy duckworth has many admirers in the district and across the country losing both legs and use of an arm during a war appointed tammy duckworth by barack obama to be assistant secretary of veteran affairs. the lieutenant- colonel with an illinois army national guard tammy duckworth looking to tap into those relationships to bring jobs to the 8th district >> have to invest in infrastructure federal investments that people working again construction jobs need to invest in our schools >> tammy duckworth best national name recognition and washington will benefit people back home
9:43 pm
over the next several days people in the 8th district opportunities to see primary candidates go head to head and a couple debates listen to what they have to say at also go more information find out with the debates are taking place >> blackhawks get a rough ride st. louis and more ways than one story later in sports and one mother's sacrifice protected her children from devastating storms well, online dating services
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jorge cantu wgn news @ 9 tornado that raked through the northwest last friday remarkable video from a cellphone indiana. 42 tornadoes and 10 state struck on friday. storms killed 40 people and couldn't 14 indiana. 14 indiana. losing her legs home collapsed on top of her before she was stopped by steel beams trapped her two sons with a blanket ages 5 years old and eight year-old shielded them
9:47 pm
from harm. >> i was hoping that tried to keep everything away >> she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle grateful his wife survived to see the children grow up. tom skilling pointing out tornado is like nails or knives coming down at 2 >> yes we entertain the thought and the back of dormont somehow we can deal with this sharp glass pieces of metal and wood all blood through the air broken up homes before they get to you like a wall of the divesknives to think to cut your surface area that women should be given a medal before doing what she did to save her children. amazing note tornadoes and immediate
9:48 pm
future things have quieted down from that standpoint but showers looking at tomorrow evening west of us come again here towards midnight tomorrow night through the southern suburbs by thursday morning clearing out modestly cooler not expect a lot of rainfall but the latest thinking as much as portents of an inch of rainfall and look at the wind up hearing tomorrow morning projected with gusts at 8:00 a.m. to towards lunchtime or just after 55 mi. per hour when the dust forecasted like us to warm up to 70 degrees tomorrow still gusting over 40 at midnight tonight once the cold outcomes data and to beat the wind turned southern against warm air some model forecast when the prevailing much of next week this pattern is showing some staying power interruptions like thursday and
9:49 pm
friday downtown you can see here 70 degrees tomorrow early may level temperature early march 54 degrees thursday turning partly sunny sunday turning the clock down ahead one hour. thunderstorm later in the day monday morning and perhaps sundny again by tuesday. beautiful thing see you later goodbye. oreo turning 100 years old today double stop is only 12 years old kraft foods owns and nabisco cookies around the world through a party michigan ave. 50 percent of all oreo pull apart their cookies before consuming
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them women more likely than men. good to know. coming up northwestern looking for a win or two in the big 10 tournament solidifies a spot in the n.c.a.a. tournament super day for alfonso soriano in mesa sports next. uo le [ coughs ]
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rough night fair to say blackhawks have been shaky since mid january 9th game losing streak three game winning streaks and for dinner tonight chance for perfect road trip tonight tightening grip on sixth playoff spot in st. louis to rivals: added andrew shaw introduced to the glass. on the board quickly a first one shot tipping this one and early 1-0 lead. 2-0 later in the first andrew macdonald the shot this one kicked and blackhawks a rough night on the power play by cox on the board three game
9:54 pm
winning streak 5-1. chicago bulls richard hamilton the news could have been worse chicago bulls as hamilton contusion ran into roy hibbert screen played 16 games with chicago bulls likely will not play milwaukee tomorrow night northwestern getting set to head to indianapolis tomorrow big 10 tournament n.c.a.a. fade after going 8-10 on the bubble victory over minnesota and had some chances that they can make more noise than that >> i think maybe six weeks ago might be the only time all year if we add up 8-10 wheat can be right in the discussion and i think that is where we are i wish we were 10-8 lisette well i
9:55 pm
think there is more attention now obviously but i think used to the questions been brought up maybe that is to our advantage >> depaul beat seton hall bentsen of the saturday and no encore today big east tournament block jamee crockett by university of connecticut player former east aurora star ryan boatwright they finish 12- 19. first time in seven years of butler not part of a rise in the championship second-half detroit forced a turnover dog & the slam detroit pulled away late in that game. veteran coach western illinois it first ever -- a tournament south dakota state tonight plan for the summit league title after south dakota mess off to the races for western for the slam
9:56 pm
up by nine points and now overtime tied at 44. national football league coming down hard bounties on opposing players new orleans saints' head coach sean payton and gm mickey loomis take full responsibility today and divorce months and the making just about final report say colts and four time most viable player taken man and parted ways tomorrow. hitting early in spring training outfield prospect brett jackson 3 run home run chicago cubs ahead to stay against colorado huge day for alfonso soriano 3-3 including a pair of home runs scored three runs stroke and three chicago cubs scored 28 runs and three games first victory 11-4 over colorado. and robin ventura take big tabs on john danks first spring appearance likely opening day starter jorge cantu sigel to
9:57 pm
left field to two runs score john danks gave up three runs walked three on the board and the second brent lillibridge shot to left misplayed tyler flowers scores falling to the angels 6-2 that is sports batt but that is the news tonight.
9:58 pm
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